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The public part of the 4 Bleats website is now closed. If you would like access to the beer guides or the TFC statistics database (currently under development), please contact the editor for further details. Contributions are welcome.

Thanks for your support

Thanks to all those who helped keep the fanzine going for over ten years by contributing material to our print and online editions. Needless to say, the fanzine (and this site) would not have been possible without you. Thanks also those who supported the fanzine by buying it - hopefully you will have enjoyed the read!

Those of you old enough to remember the Lamb Appeal will know that early profits from the fanzine went towards the current floodlights at the Lamb. Profits from more recent issues will go towards a huge booze-up to the club.

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For all the latest news and views from the Lamb Ground, visit the official TFC site, the forum or the Supporters Club.

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